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Listed Below are some suggested Music you might consider:

As Guest Arrive - Air on the G String (J.S. Bach, arr. Stokowski); During Service - God Is Gone Up (Finzi)
                        Largo (From Winter of Vivaldi's the Four Seasons Ave Maria (Schubert,arr Phillip McCann)
                        Canon (Pachelbel) Come Down Oh Lord Divine (Vaughan Williams)
                        Sheep May Safely Graze (J.S. Bach, arr. Stokowski Greater Love Hath No Man (Ireland)

Arrival of Bride - Bridal March (from Wagner's Lohengrin)
                       Arrival of the Queen of Sheba (from Handel's Solomon)
                       Trumpet Tune (Purcell, Michael Austin (organ)


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MAY THE LORD be in your hearts and on your lips that you may rightly receive this gift. Receive my brother and sister this consecrated wine to bless your Sacrament that the Holy Spirit may guard and watch over you throughout your days. May our Lord Jesus Christ forgive you and by his authority. I hereby grant you pardon, absolution and remission of all your sins and censures.
“In Nomine Patris, et filiii, (+) et Spiritus Sancti, Amen”
(Bride and Groom now drink from the Chalice, it is then passed to the Groomsman who returns it to the Officiate.

We wish to pause a moment for silent remembrance of those loved ones that cannot be present in a physical sense, but grace this joyous event with their loving memories.

We honor in particular the memory of (___________) and (_________________) as we pause in a moment of silent reflection and prayer. Please bow your heads in respect and appreciation.

Marriages are comprised of not only the bride and groom acting as two individuals, but also children that which will form the basis of a new family. Children will represent not only the establishment of a new family. They are the future embodied in their very existence. They will always be an important and central part of the lives of the mother and father. This day is even more joyous and special because of their presence here today.
As God has created and nurtured these beautiful flowers as have these Mothers nurtured and cared for these, their beautiful children, please accept these tokens of your grateful children’s love, appreciation and loving devotion.
(Officiate: “Will the Mothers’ kindly rise and join us to accept their children’s loving token of their appreciation.”)

The noted and renown bard, William Shakespeare, in his immortal work on love, Romeo and Juliet. He has Juliet’s “Comfortable Friar” bless their union with the words… “and two shall become one” as the two flames of the candles are blended into a union with one faith, one hope, one love and one destiny. So shall you both be one in name, one in aim and one in a happy destiny together for life evermore.

A marriage brings together two individuals who draw upon the traditions of two families to perform the lifelong pledge of uniting as one. The two outer candles represent the two of you as individuals. The center candle, which you will kindle together represents the unity which with God’s Blessing will continue to develop as you journey through life united as one. The external candles remain lighted to show that even in your unity you remain as individuals before each other and God.

“ALMIGHTY GOD, BLESS HIS WINE TO BE USED IN FAITH TO PURIFY OUR HEARTS AND TO BLESS THIS Sacrament of Holy Matrimony. Through it may the (Bride and Groom) be inwardly transformed and may God’s blessing be bestowed upon them that they may be brought closer to you and gain eternal happiness. May the Holy Spirit here present, continue to watch over, protect and bless this union. May your love remain with them forever. In this, your pledge of devotion and life in Christ.